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The Big Problem with Engineered Products

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The definition of an engineered product is something that is designed to have custom requirements, meaning it is more unique than the other products of the same type. You might have a lot of engineered products in your home, or you might only have a few, but if they do more things than your neighbor’s product does, you’ve got an engineered product.

However, trying to turn a simple device into something more complicated can lead to some problems, and in some cases can even make the product useless. Over engineered products are unique to the point of being ridiculous, and these are some of the examples that an engineered products company needs to make sure to never emulate. Function over form people!

One of the examples of an over-engineered product is a watch. The primary function of a watch is to tell time, and engineered watches can include the fitness brand of watches. Those watches have extra functions to help keep people fit and knowledgeable about their health.

However, an example of an over-engineered watch is a watch that can tell time, while also answering texts, checking the weather, monitoring the temperature, and acting as a face time device. The watch has so many gadgets and functions that it loses track of its primary functionÂ… the ability to tell time effectively.

Sure, all that extra stuff is great, but consumers shouldn’t buy a watch to just replace their phone in terms of things it can do, you buy a watch to instantly know what time it is. If the extras on the engineered product overshadow its primary function, then you might have an over-engineered product on your hand. Or possibly your wrist, so keep that in mind when buying or designing products!