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Benefits of Float Zone Wafers

Float zone wafers are pure and have a wide range of advantages. They are an excellent alternative to wafers processed using the Czochralski, or CZ, method. Silicon wafer suppliers have several wafer types available, so you have a choice of the material you would like to use. The float zone process is unique, and your wafers will be as well. Let’s take a look at some of the differences and advantages that float zone wafers offer.

Growth Rates Are Higher

When growing with the float zone process, growth rates are significantly higher than with the CZ process. As a matter of fact, the rate of growth seen for float zone wafers is about two or three times higher than growth rates with the CZ process. These high rates are good because they minimize the chance of defects.

Oxygen Levels Are Lower

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When growing silicon, oxygen can allow impurities to enter the silicon. Due to how low oxygen levels are kept when growing float zone wafers, they have less issues and particulates cannot enter the material as readily as it would in other processes.

Dopant Control

Float zone wafers have the ability to control resistance throughout the entire crystal, which is highly important if you want to use them for constructing electronic devices and equipment. This characteristic is one of the most important reasons these wafers may be chosen over silicon wafers processed using the CZ process during their growth and development.

The benefits listed above are what make float zone wafers so appealing for use in numerous applications. They can be used for manufacturing optical products, radio frequency chips, power devices, and even solar panels with high efficiency. With these wafers, you will be able to expand your manufacturing operations and gain higher efficiency and purity during processing.